The machined foam block is undoubtedly the best system for stalling and protecting fragile equipment. In the last years Rollerbox has been structured and equipped to make the custom-made foam block affordable in small series and even for unity. What was once reserved for large series has now become possible for prototypes, pre and mini series. Ou
r areas of intervention:

  • Machining on a plane or design by our study Office (support DAO SolidWorks).
  • Depreciation calculation according to use or specifications.
  • Foams used: crosslinked polyethylene foams (PLASTAZOTE, XPE), polyurethane foams. All special types (anti-static foam, conductive foam, non-fire foam, etc.) on request.
  • Many colors, combinations of colors possible (allow the quick visualization of the presence or absence of a material in the suitcase).
  • Integration and bonding in all types of containers and suitcases.